My name is Sadie.  I’m 40; live in a leafy town just outside London; work as a project manager for a Local Authority and my boyfriend has Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) as a result of IGA Nephropathy (aka Berger’s Disease).

For seven or so years, we lived with the condition and its potential impact in the same way you live with the idea of cancer and wining the lottery – a far off possibility that only really happens to other people, not us.  Then his kidney function (GFR) began to drop… and drop and drop and he passed though stages 3 and 4 and very suddenly into stage 5.  This is no longer something that may happen in the far future, or something that only happens to other people – it is very much something that is happening to us now, and will not be going away.

Desperate for understanding and knowledge I began trawling the internet but often found the information was contradictory, confusing and left me with more questions that answers.  So I decided to make my own blog to keep in one place the useful information I have found, but also to document our journey – his through coming to turns with the short term and long term implications of CKD on his life and mine on the journey to hopefully become a living donor.

If you have found yourself here, I imagine you are someone in a similar situation and my heart goes out to you.  I hope the information you find here goes someway to helping and at the very least lets you now you are not alone.  Good luck on your own journey.


2nd April 2018.