First step to donation

Today I had my initial assessment for donation. It involved a urine sample; 12 vials of blood for various tests; height, weight, blood pressure measurements and a good long chat with the transplant nurse. I also managed to pour hot chocolate into my bag, but hopefully that won’t go against me.

The frustrating bit now is waiting for the initial results and hoping they don’t show up anything that will prevent me donating, or uncover any health conditions I wasn’t aware of. The nurse told me 25% of potential donors don’t make it passed this stage so fingers crossed I’m in the majority.

She also said that in the next round of tests they will be looking for my kidney function to be 90+ so it’s weird to have that kind of pressure to pass a test that I have no control over.

Talking through the donation process (assuming all goes well) was also useful and answered lots of questions and put my mind at ease just in relation to how much care goes into this from so many people.

We are some way off being accepted for the kidney sharing scheme yet but I feel positive. My blood pressure is good and I’m taking that as a good sign my kidneys are in good condition too. Time will tell….

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